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ACG Sunderland information

What type of school is ACG Sunderland?

ACG Sunderland is a Private : Fully Registered school in Waitakere.
It has students enrolled.

School ID : 571

School Name : ACG Sunderland

Organisation type: Composite

Definition: Not Applicable

Authority: Private : Fully Registered

School Donations: Not applicable

Defined institution genders are:: Co-Educational
A summary description of the gender(s) accepted by the institution

Territorial Authority : Auckland - Henderson-Massey

Regional Council : Auckland Region

Education region: Auckland

General Electorate : Te Atatu

Mori electorate : Te Tai Tokerau

Census Area Unit : Fairdene

Ward: Waitakere Ward

Local office name : Auckland

Isolation index: Not applicable

Decile: 99

Melaa: 12

International : 54

ACG Sunderland students

Total Enrolments:
The total number of students in ACG Sunderland

Total enrolments: 439

European enrolments: 124

Mori enrolments: 15

Pacific enrolments: 21

Asian enrolments: 209

Other enrolments: 4

ACG Sunderland Address

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ACG Sunderland Location

Street: 6 Waipareira Avenue

Suburb: Henderson

Town / City: Waitakere

ACG Sunderland GPS Location

latitude : -36.864296

longitude : 174.633796

ACG Sunderland Postal Address

Mailing Address: 6 Waipareira Avenue

Mailing Address suburb: Henderson

Mailing Address - City or town: Waitakere

ACG Sunderland suburb map

ACG Sunderland contact

Management Contact Name : Nathan Villars

Telephone: 09 838 7070

Fax: 09 838 7040

ACG Sunderland Website

Website for the school URL:
ACG Sunderland web page

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