Dr. Oakley School

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Dr. Oakley School General information

What type of school is Dr. Oakley School?

Dr. Oakley School is a Public school in Calgary, Province of Alberta.

School Name : Dr. Oakley School
The official name of the school.

School type : Public

Dr. Oakley School Levels in Calgary

Educational levels in Dr. Oakley School

Early childhood education (Pre-K):

Kindergarten (K): Does not have kindergarten

Elementary (1-6): Yes, it has a Elementary

Junior secondary (7-9): Yes, it has a Junior secondary

Senior secondary (10-12):


Dr. Oakley School location

How to get to Dr. Oakley School in Calgary

Street name: 20 street sw

Street number: 3904

Province : AB

Postal Code: T2T4Z9

Full address: 3904 - 20 Street S.W. Calgary AB T2T4Z9

Dr. Oakley School GPS coodinates

Latitude: 51.01909104

Longitude: -114.1091463

geo_source: AGOL

Dr. Oakley School map

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Authority name: The Calgary School Division | provider: Province of Alberta | csduid: 4806016 | csdname: Calgary | pruid: 48 | Postcode: T2T4Z9


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