‘Fintona Girls” School’

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'Fintona Girls'' School' General information

What type of school is 'Fintona Girls'' School'?

'Fintona Girls'' School' is school in BALWYN, Victoria.
It has students enrolled and teachers.

School Name : 'Fintona Girls'' School'
The official name of the school.

School sector : Independent

School Type : Combined

Campus type : School Sub-Campus and Single entity

'Fintona Girls'' School' location

Descubre como llegar a 'Fintona Girls'' School' de BALWYN (VIC )

State: Victoria (VIC)

Postcode: 3103

'Fintona Girls'' School' GPS coodinates

Latitude: -37,814721

Longitude: 145,080466

'Fintona Girls'' School' suburb map

'Fintona Girls'' School' Statistical Area
Statistical Area source is the ABS Australian Statistical Geography Standard
Statistical Area 1 (2114709):
Statistical Area 2 (21147): Balwyn
Statistical Area 3 (20701): Boroondara
Statistical Area 4 (207): Melbourne - Inner East

ABS Remoteness Area : Major Cities of Australia
The geographical classification of the 'Fintona Girls'' School' location according to the ABS Remoteness Area definitions

'Fintona Girls'' School' Ratings

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