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Oakwood School General information

What type of school is Oakwood School?

Oakwood School is Inner Regional school in Claremont, Tasmania.
It has 140 students enrolled and 25 teachers.

AGE ID: 15692
The Australian Government Department of Education ID.

School Name : Oakwood School
The official name of the school.

School sector : Independent

School Type : Combined

Campus type : School Head Campus

Governing Body: Independent Schools Tasmania
The governing body for the school Oakwood School

Oakwood School students

Year range : 3-12
The range of year levels offered by Oakwood School

Total Enrolments: 140
The total number of students in Oakwood School

Girls Enrolments : 63
The total number of female students.

Boys Enrolments : 77
The total number of male students.

Full Time Equivalent Enrolments : 140
The number of students enrolled at the school expressed in terms of full-time students.

Oakwood School RANKING

ICSEA : 985
The Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage score for the Oakwood School

Bottom Socio-Educational Advantage : 29
The percentage of students positioned in the lowest socio-educational advantage quarter in Oakwood School

Lower Middle Socio-Educational Advantage : 54
The percentage of students positioned in the lower middle socio-educational advantage quarter in Oakwood School

Upper Middle Socio-Educational Advantage : 16
The percentage of students positioned in the higher middle socio-educational advantage quarter in Oakwood School

Top Socio-Educational Advantage: 2
The percentage of students positioned in the highest socio-educational advantage quarter in Oakwood School

Oakwood School Teachers

Teaching staff: 25
The number of full-time and part-time Oakwood School teaching staff members.

Oakwood School Non teaching staff

Non teaching staff : 10
non teaching staff

Non teaching staff full time : 6,9
A full-time is counted as 1.0; one days a week is counted as 0.2

Oakwood School location

Descubre como llegar a Oakwood School de Claremont (TAS )

State: Tasmania (TAS)

Postcode: 7011

Geolocation: Inner Regional

Oakwood School GPS coodinates

Latitude: -42,79702753

Longitude: 147,2628247

Oakwood School suburb map

Oakwood School Statistical Area
Statistical Area source is the ABS Australian Statistical Geography Standard
Statistical Area 1 (6101506):
Statistical Area 2 (61015): Claremont (Tas.)
Statistical Area 3 (60103): Hobart - North West
Statistical Area 4 (601): Hobart

ABS Remoteness Area : Inner Regional Australia
The geographical classification of the Oakwood School location according to the ABS Remoteness Area definitions

Oakwood School contact

Oakwood School Website

Website for the school URL: http://www.oakwoodschool.com.au
Oakwood School web page

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