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Intensive DCD – SNW

Complete information and opinions about the Special education school Intensive DCD - SNW

At InfoSchools you can consult all the information regarding Intensive DCD - SNW of Wright County, MINNESOTA, as well as opinions, testimonials, reviews and comments from parents, teachers and students.
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All the information about the school center Intensive DCD - SNW, Wright County (MN)

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Special education school Intensive DCD - SNW address

The address of the Intensive DCD - SNW school in MONTICELLO is
  • County name: Wright County
  • Location city: MONTICELLO
  • Location address 1: 302 WASHINGTON STREET
  • Location state abbr: MN
  • Location zip: 55362
  • Location zip4: 8888


GPS coordinates of Intensive DCD - SNW

Latitude: 45,301028
Longitude: -93,783605

Intensive DCD - SNW Phone number

The Intensive DCD - SNW phone number for the agency Sherburne and Northern Wright Speci (MN) is 7632722050

Call 7632722050

Intensive DCD - SNW teachers

Intensive DCD - SNW students

  1. Total students all grades includesae: 6
  2. Male students: 5
  3. Female students: 1
  4. Grades 1-8 students: 3
  5. Grades 9-12 students: 3
  6. Grade 4 students: 1
  7. Grade 5 students: 1
  8. Grade 6 students: 1
  9. Grade 9 students: 2
  10. Grade 11 students: 1
  11. Black or africanamerican students: 1
  12. White students: 5
  13. Total race ethnicity: 6

All detailed information about the Intensive DCD - SNW

  1. State name latest available year: MINNESOTA
  2. State abbr latest available year: MN
  3. School name: Intensive DCD - SNW
  4. school id nces assigned latest available year: 270041305087
  5. Agency name: Sherburne and Northern Wright Speci
  6. County name: Wright County
  7. Location address 1: 302 WASHINGTON STREET
  8. Location city: MONTICELLO
  9. Location state abbr: MN
  10. Location zip: 55362
  11. Location zip4: 8888
  12. Phone number: 7632722050
  13. Agency type district: Regional Education Service Agency (RESA)
  14. School type: Special education school
  15. Updated status: Open
  16. Latitude: 45,301028
  17. Longitude: -93,783605
  18. State School id: MN-526090-526090081
  19. cbsa name district : Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington MN-WI
  20. csa name district : Minneapolis-St. Paul MN-WI
  21. congressional code: 2706
  22. congressional ode: 2706
  23. csa id district: 378
  24. cbsa id district: 33460
  25. agency id nces assigned latest availableyear: 2700413
  26. county number: 27171
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