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Weymouth School information

What type of school is Weymouth School?

Weymouth School is a State school in Auckland.
It has students enrolled.

School ID : 1570

School Name : Weymouth School

Organisation type: Contributing

Definition: Bilingual Year 7 and Year 8 School

Authority: State

School Donations: Donations should not be requested, unless for a school camp

Defined institution genders are:: Co-Educational
A summary description of the gender(s) accepted by the institution

Territorial Authority : Auckland - Manurewa

Regional Council : Auckland Region

Education region: Auckland

General Electorate : Manurewa

Mori electorate : Tamaki Makaurau

Census Area Unit : Weymouth East

Ward: Manurewa-Papakura Ward

Local office name : Auckland

Isolation index: 0.19

Decile: 2

Melaa: 15

Weymouth School students

Total Enrolments:
The total number of students in Weymouth School

Col id: 99211

Col name : South Manurewa Community of Learning

Total enrolments: 596

European enrolments: 25

Mori enrolments: 277

Pacific enrolments: 217

Asian enrolments: 61

Other enrolments: 1

Weymouth School Address

Discover how to get to Weymouth School in Auckland (Weymouth)

Weymouth School Location

Street: 23 Evans Road

Suburb: Weymouth

Town / City: Auckland

Weymouth School GPS Location

latitude : -37.046585

longitude : 174.865616

Weymouth School Postal Address

Mailing Address: 23 Evans Road

Mailing Address suburb: Weymouth

Mailing Address - City or town: Auckland

Weymouth School suburb map

Weymouth School contact

Management Contact Name : Saane Faaofo-Oldehaver

Telephone: 09 269 0588

Fax: 09 269 0599

Weymouth School Website

Website for the school URL: http://www.weymouthprimary.school.nz
Weymouth School web page

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