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Food Safe Limited information

What type of school is Food Safe Limited?

Food Safe Limited is a Privately Owned Private Training Establishment in Grey Lynn.

School ID : 7180
Unique number assigned to each institution

School Name : Food Safe Limited
Full name of each institution

Organisation type: Private Training Establishment

Definition: Travel Agency Training/Tourism/Hospitality/Retail
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Authority: Privately Owned
Ownership/operation or registration status of each educational institution

Regional Council : Auckland Region

Food Safe Limited Address

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Food Safe Limited Location

Street: 6B Ponsonby Road

Suburb: Grey Lynn

Town / City: Grey Lynn

Food Safe Limited Postal Address

Mailing Address: 6B Ponsonby Road

Mailing Address suburb: Grey Lynn

Mailing Address - City or town: Auckland

Post code: 1011

Food Safe Limited suburb map

Auckland - Waitemata

Food Safe Limited contact

Telephone: 09 281 4226
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Fax: 09 281 4226
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Food Safe Limited Website

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Food Safe Limited web page

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