Wilson’s Hospital School

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Wilson's Hospital School information

What type of school is Wilson's Hospital School?

Wilson's Hospital School is a Co Westmeath school in Westmeath County Council.
It has 403 students enrolled.

Roll number: 63300Q

Eircode: N91AX97


Deisyn : N

Irish classification description : No subjects taught through Irish

Gaeltacht indicator : N

Islandyn : N

Post-Primary school type : Secondary

Pupil attendance type: Mixed

Fee paying school : N

Wilson's Hospital School students

Total Enrolments: 403
The total number of students in Wilson's Hospital School

Girls Enrolments : 206
The total number of female students.

Boys Enrolments : 197
The total number of male students.

Wilson's Hospital School Principal’s

Principal’s name: MS. NIAMH WHITE

Teaching staff:
The number of full-time and part-time Wilson's Hospital School teaching staff members.

Wilson's Hospital School Address

Discover how to get to Wilson's Hospital School in Co Westmeath (Multyfarnham )

Multyfarnham - Co Westmeath - - - Westmeath
Westmeath County Council

Wilson's Hospital School suburb map

Wilson's Hospital School contact

Wilson's Hospital School email: [email protected]
Contact email

Wilson's Hospital School phone number : 0449371115
Contact phone number

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Academic year enrolment : 2019



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1 thought on “Wilson’s Hospital School”

  1. I just read about the shameful treatment of one of your teachers, Enoch Burke, by your establishment and his consequent imprisonment for not using the politically correct pronoun for one of your students and for insisting on his right to continue in the job you allocated to him.

    I, and many of my fellow Christians, find this kind of despicable treatment and violation of free speech and freedom of religious practice and belief alarming and unacceptable.

    It seems that fairness towards ALL human beings has been hijacked in your lovely country of Ireland for the sake of political correctness. and this is a great loss to all!


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