Breifne College

Information, contact and reviews of Breifne College in Cavan, Cavan.

Breifne College information

What type of school is Breifne College?

Breifne College is a Cavan school in Cavan County Council.
It has 734 students enrolled.

Roll number: 70380I

Eircode: H12H798


Deisyn : Y

Irish classification description : No subjects taught through Irish

Gaeltacht indicator : N

Islandyn : N

Post-Primary school type : Vocational

Pupil attendance type: Day

Fee paying school : N

Breifne College students

Total Enrolments: 734
The total number of students in Breifne College

Girls Enrolments : 379
The total number of female students.

Boys Enrolments : 355
The total number of male students.

Breifne College Principal’s

Principal’s name: Mr John Crotty

Teaching staff:
The number of full-time and part-time Breifne College teaching staff members.

Breifne College Address

Discover how to get to Breifne College in Cavan (Cootehill Rd )

Cootehill Rd - Cavan - Co Cavan - - Cavan
Cavan County Council

Breifne College suburb map

Breifne College contact

Breifne College email: [email protected]
Contact email

Breifne College phone number : 0494331735
Contact phone number

Breifne College Ratings

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Academic year enrolment : 2019



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